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Show Me Five Saturday meme

I just discovered another fun meme at Pudgy Penguin Perusals ~ the meme was created by That's a Novel Idea:

Here's how it works:

Each Saturday you'll post the answers to these questions. The number indicates the number of answers you should provide.

1. Book you read and/or reviewed this week

2. Words that describe the book

3. Settings where it took place or characters you met

4. Things you liked and/or disliked about it

5. Stars or less for your rating?

This meme gives us an opportunity to share a brief description of a book we've read/reviewed this week. Doesn't that sound like fun? I'm hoping to start posting reviews on my blog real soon...maybe this will help me build up enough courage to try the "real" thing! :)

Here's mine for this week:

1. Book read - Montana Rose by Mary Connealy

2. Words describing it - witty, heartwarming

3. Places and/or Characters - Cassie (reluctantly obedient), Red (a wonderful, caring, hovering husband), and Belle (she's one tough chick!)

4. Things I liked and/or disliked - I liked that the characters are very well-written ~ it's like you're right there with them; I liked that there is never a dull moment ~ I read the book in a couple of hours!; I disliked Belle's husband (and I use this word loosely!), Anthony ~ what a loser!; I disliked Mort (Wade's Dad), too ~ what a sorry, low-down excuse for a man!

5. Stars or less - Absolutely 5 STARS!! I loved this book!

Be sure to visit the blog's mentioned above to read what others thought about the books they read this week. Have fun!