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Top 10 Books on My Wishlist...

It's Monday again...and that means that it's time to share the Top 10 Books on My Wishlist for this week. If you didn't get a chance to join us last week ~ here's how it works:

~ Look thru all of your wishlists (I'm sure you have more than one...just like me!)
~ Decide which 10 you're really wanting ~ at least for this week *grin*

~ Come back and post them in your comment...or better yet...create a post on your blog, linking back to me, and post your link here

~ You can list books from any genre
~ It doesn't matter if they are: already available for purchase, newly released, coming soon, etc.
~ If you have a book(s) on someone's WL that you're willing to get rid of...let them know... they may be willing to swap for something on your WL...I know I would!!

~ I've added a button in my sidebar, please take it with you, if you're inclined to do so

I'm hoping this meme will help everyone find books to add to their own Wishlist, but to also allow others to see what books you want, so maybe they can help you get them. Kinda like my own personal swap a way... By getting book lovers together, and sharing the books we most want, maybe we can help each other out. I would love to know what books you're looking for, so I can try to help you find them.

My Top 10 picks for this week:

The Courteous Cad (Miss Pickworth, Bk 3) :: Catherine Palmer
The Pastor's Wife :: Jennifer AlLee
Fit to Be Tied (The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs, Bk 2) :: Robin Lee Hatcher
Perfectly Good Nanny :: Paty Jager
A Message of Love :: Lauri Robinson
One Lucky Cowboy :: Carolyn Brown
Two Brides Too Many :: Mona Hodgson
Cool Beans: A Maya Davis Novel :: Erynn Mangum
It Happened One Night :: Lisa Dale
Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter :: Lisa Patton

(Just scroll over the images to see a larger version...)

Okay...let's see your list!! Don't be shy...there will be no judging here...everyone is entitled to their own personal reading choices. Do you enjoy Mysteries, Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Historical, Paranormal, Erotica, Horror, Young Adult, Non-Fiction? Whatever your preference, please share your Top 10 Books on your Wishlist for this week. As always ~ thanks for dropping in! =)


  1. I was thinking the same thing! Lol...Amy?

    Great list..I think. I've only heard of a couple! However, with the pictures...I really want to read Cool Beans. It sounds so good!

    I'll get back to you with my top 10 books...that's really hard! LOL!

  2. *giggling*

    My sister says "cool beans" all the I HAVE to get this book! I'm sorry I was too lazy to link all of the titles...maybe I'll go back and do that later??

    Hard?!?! You do like to read, right? Are you a member of PBS (paperback swap)? They have TONS of books to look thru and add to your wishlist! :D

  3. It's hard to weed through my mountains of books! mom always sighs when she comes into my room and is like " have WAY too many books : )" I have 3 bookcases that go from floor to ceiling random stacks. And that doesn't include any of my like old kids books and earlier chapter books. I had to weed out because I didn't have enough room : )

    So's hard to weed!

    I did just win 2 things, since you were talking about what you have won I think. First I won on the Craftie Ladies of Romance blog. So, I am getting Texas Ranger's Family(already own, so giving to my friend for her bday), Lyn Cote's newest that is 2 books in 1, Dad in Training(I think that's what it's called!), and Twice in a Lifetime.

    I also just recieved my winning box from Camy Tang's contest. It's literally a box of books! There are over 10 titles I think : ) I'll let you know what they are later...tired now! Lol...
    Talk to you later! And I'm still thinking about my TOP 10 picks : )

  4. When I was in High School me and my best friend said "cool beans" all the time. lol I will have to check out that book.

    You have a bunch of good books there--think I might have to add some of them to my wish list. :)

  5. HANNAH ~ Wow, girl! Your house must look like mine...books EVERYWHERE!! *grinning*

    Congrats on winning all of those books! Now you can add even more to your already mountains of books... LOL

    ANGIE ~ "cool beans" hahaha I just recently came across this book and added it to my ever growing sounds really cute.

    Please feel free to add any/all of them to your WL...that's why I like to share them with y'all every week. :)

    Come back next week, and you'll probably be adding more! *grin*

  6. Lol'd you know? Wait! Was that YOU that I saw sneaking out my house the other day??? : P LOL! Anyway, usually I don't win. That's my sister, she has the BEST luck!

  7. BUSTED!! LOL Your sister's luck must have rubbed off on you! :)