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I no longer have the time to keep up 2 separate blogs! If you'd like to see what I'm up to -- please visit me over on my other blog:

Some of My Favorite Books

Happy Blogging!


My 100th Post WINNER!!!!

Please join me in congratulating the first commenter on my 100th post!!!

That lucky person is..................HANNAH (Project Journal)!!!
Woo-hoo!! Good for you!!
Hannah is relatively new to blogging, too (like me), so be
sure to drop by her blog and visit her anytime.
She has a great blog ~ it's very informative, and fun, too!

Hannah has won a FREE BOOK of her choice! As soon as she
contacts me to choose her book...I'll post her choice here, too!

I would like to thank ALL of my faithful followers for helping me
reach my 100th post! It doesn't seem like I've been blogging
long enough to have that many posts already. LOL
Be sure to visit never know what I might
have up my sleeve next!!!

(I'm a little confused...on my Dashboard it said that Waiting on Wednesday was my 100th post, but according to my Blog Archive, it's only my 89th?? Oh well, I'm going with my Dashboard figure!! Who doesn't love to share books?? LOL)


  1. *jaw drops*

    *pick jaw up off the floor*
    WOW Lori!! Woohoo for me : ) Glad I could help! Lol...thank you so much!

    So what are my choices *wink*

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on the 100th post!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxo~ Renee

  3. YAAAAY for Hannah!!! :) Congrats!!

    Girl, are you just not a fan of emailing?? LOL It may take us awhile to reach a decision, so I'd really rather not post all of that as comments! Do you mind terribly to email me, so I can find out what all genres you're interested in? Then I'll compile a list for you to choose from...okay? *grinning* I'm so excited!

    Thank you!
    ~ Lori

    Hey Renee! *waving*

  4. Lol! I email daily! I just keep forgetting! Plus...ummmm...never mind! I forget what I was going to say : )

  5. Hannah, you are a nut!! Okay...I'll wait for an email from you...

    Let me know when you remember what you wanted to say...

    ~ Lori

  6. How fun. Congratulations, Hannah!

  7. Okay I'll try and remember : )

    Thanks Tina!