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My Review: Kissing Santa Claus by Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis & HelenKay Dimon

Kissing Santa Claus
(3-in-1 Anthology)
by Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis
& HelenKay Dimon

Sensuality Level: 3
(1= mild 2= warm 3= hot 4= smokin' 5= scorchin')

Copyright 2009
Pages: 307
ISBN: 9780875238849

From Fantastic Fiction:

Three hottie humbugs find holiday magic where they
least expect it. . .

Donna Kauffman: Lock, Stock and Jingle Bells

Holly hates the yuletide season more than ever since she inherited her mother's Christmas novelty store, but her childhood pal Sean's determined to warm her up--to Christmas and to him. When they uncover a diary concealing secrets involving both their families, this could be the Christmas that changes their lives forever. . .

Jill Shalvis: Bah Handsome!

Behind on her bills, B&B owner Hope receives an unlikely guest--stranded solicitor Danny, who's been threatening to put her out of business. Hope's staff sees more fire than fight in the sparks that fly as they try and bring Hope and Danny together, but only a Christmas miracle can help these unlikely lovers see the light. . .

Helenkay Dimon: It's Hotter at Christmas

Hawaii's no paradise for Marissa, who, thanks to a series of unfortunate events, can't seem to get away from the sand to enjoy her Christmas East Coast style--with plenty of snow and slush. But tall, dark, and serious police officer Ted's about to give this bad Santa in heels a Mele Kalikimaka she'll never forget. . .

My thoughts:

As is the norm with most Anthologies, these stories are a little too short to be completely believable...but I still enjoyed them. My favorite would have to be Jill Shalvis', Bah Handsome!. It was a great story all around. The characters all have great chemistry, even the secondary characters; and the plot is surprisingly believable. The main characters, Hope and Danny, have actually met before, on unsavory terms, and that lends a nice flow to the story.

Since these are such short stories, there's not really much I can say without giving them away! If you enjoy Christmas-themed romances, with a little "spice" thrown in...this book is perfect for you. Enjoy!! :)



  1. Eek, there are over 80 wishers on pbs. LOL

  2. Cindy ~ LOL I LOVE Christmas books! I collect (and devour) them every year.

    Yeah...I bought mine...just couldn't wait thru the LONG line at PBS. *wink*

  3. Oooooh sounds like a fun Christmas romp! ;-)

    xoxo~ Renee

  4. I don't think I've ever read one-a Christmas book (aside from the classics, I mean). Does that make me the odd ball?

  5. RENEE ~ it was a really fun, even though quick, book!

    LEE ~ Wow! I can't imagine not reading Christmas books every year! I so look forward to them...I'll actually read them any time of the year! *grin* Nah...we won't call you names... *wink*

    ~ Lori

  6. Thanks for linking this review to the party! I am just not ready for Christmas...yet!