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Christmas Tree ~ 2009

Well, my friend Renee, over at Black 'n Gold Girl's Book Spot, just posted pix of her Christmas tree for I thought I would do the same. *grin*

(room lights on...flash off)

(room lights on...flash off)

(room lights off...flash on)

In case you're wondering...yes, our tree is in our dining room!
You're thinking...what a stupid place for a tree, right?
Weeeelllll, our living room is so small that we would have
to put it right next to the fireplace, and we didn't really
want to do that. So...that left the dining room. *sigh*


  1. Wow your tree is gorgeous! You did an awesome job!

    Actually the dining room is where are tree was up until last year! We got out computer so the desk had to go in the dining room (i know weird place for a computer LOL) so we had to make room for the tree in the living room last year and this year too! SO Lori it's not so strange that your tree is in your dining room as ours was for the longest time!

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. Thanks, Renee! That makes me feel better. :)

    I wish you could see my ornaments. Most are snowmen and snowflakes, but there are red & black "Georgia" candy canes, along with some other misc. ones, too. Go Dawgs! :p


  3. Beautiful tree! I need to get some pics of my decorations up asap.

  4. Thanks, Ruth! I can't wait to see yours, too. :)

  5. Very pretty! :) I'm afraid I'm not putting up a tree because the cats will just think it's something for them to climb and destroy. ;)

  6. LOL I'm happy to share mine with you, Angie! I can just see the kitties tearing your tree down! :p

  7. Just beautiful, Lori!!

    Unfortunately, we are taking a hiatus this year on putting up our tree. :o( I have not had a free moment since the week of Thanksgiving, and probably won't have one until after the new year. Putting up the tree is just not something I can add to my ever growing list this year. Guess I'll have to just come and look at yours from time to time. :o)

  8. Very pretty, Lori!!! I'll have to share pics of mine... if only I could KEEP the ornaments on it... B keeps taking them off so that we can put them back on!!!!

  9. @ Christy = Thank you! We did that a couple of years ago; just didn't have the time/energy to bother with a tree/decor. You're more than welcome to share mine! :)

    @ Jacki = Thanks! Please sure to get some pix with B taking them off. hahaha

  10. Well, we were supposed to have the tree come in on Saturday, but it didn't get in the house until Sunday. So, then we had to wait until Wednesday(b/c of auditions and concert) night to decorate it. However, we had a snowday today(over 9 inches and counting) and so we got it decorated this morning.

    We always get our tree from grandma's house because our cousin sells them there. It's fun! Alicia and I usually get to sell for a weekend when Rich is gone. So, we get paid and it helps with Xmas shopping!! Lol! This year, we got our mom a ring with her birthstone and diamonds all over it. It was on sale a lot, but still not very cheap at JC Penny, so Alicia and I are hurting on our other presents this year. Oh well, it'll be worth it : )