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Birthday & Christmas Special Giveaway!!

It's time for another Giveaway!!!

Since December is the month to celebrate my
birthday, as well as, Christmas ~ I've decided to do something extra special.

This month I'm giving away....

An Amazon e-Gift Card with a value of...


Here are the RULES:

* You must leave a valid email address in your comment, so I can contact you if you're the winner.
(Example: sugarandgrits{at}hotmail{dot}com)
This way spammers will be less likely to grab it.

* You must have a valid U.S. mailing address.

* At this time, the giveaway is open to
U.S. residents only.

* The giveaway will start today,
Dec. 14th,
and end on
Dec. 23rd at 11:59 p.m.(EST)
(Any/all entries entered after this time will not be eligible.)

* I will announce the winner here on
Dec. 24th ~ you will also be contacted via email.
You will then have
48 hours in which to respond with your snail mail address, or another winner will be chosen.

Now ~ on to the fun stuff ~ chances for extra entries!!
Please include all of your extra entries in ONE comment...this will make it a lot easier for me to keep up with them!!
Thanks! =)

+1 = By becoming a new follower thru
Google Friend Connect, on the right sidebar

+2 = Let me know that you're already a follower

+5 = Post about my giveaway on your blog, or in your sidebar
(you can use my image above, just be sure to link back to me!)

Thank you so much for dropping by and participating!
GOOD LUCK to everyone!!


  1. Oh, Happy Bithday Lori. I'd sing to you, but I don't how that would translate over type:~)lol
    I would love to enter the giveaway.

    1+ I'm a follower

    5+ Posting about the giveaway on my blog


    Love Ya,

    What is it, your 25th? ;~) lol

  2. @ Ashley ~ YAY! You're my very first entry! :)

    Thank you! I can hear you singing in my head. *wink* HA! I wish it was my 25th...that's what we'll say it is...okay? Seriously, it's my 32nd! *cringe* Am I OLD or what???? *sniff, sniff* I don't want to be old!!

    I've got your SEVEN're an OLD follower, girlfriend! LOL

    ~ Lori

  3. Let's go with, it's you 25th:~) And like I said before, 32 is not old. Besides, being old is not a bad thing. Ever hear of "senoir citizens discount"? Use that at a book store, and pay like half the price:~)

    Do I get an extra entry for being an old follower? haha lol Just kidding;~)

    Love Ya,

  4. @ Ashley ~ Mmmm...I like the way you think! "Senior Citizen Discount" at the bookstore...that's an excellent idea. I'll come pick you up in WR, and we'll hit all the bookstores!

    YES! You were supposed to get +2 for already being a follower...not +1...that's for NEW followers. I gotcha covered! :)

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  6. 2 of my sisters took me to lunch! :)

    Saturday, hubby took me to dinner and the bookstore. Sunday, we got together w/my family for Sunday dinner and celebrated then. It's been like a weekend b-day, not just today. LOL

  7. It was! :)

    ??? Where did your comment go?

  8. Sorry, I deleted it. I can put it back up though;~)

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I'm a follower!


  10. Hello there and Happy Birthday! This is an AWESOME way to celebrate! It's totally cool that your hubby took you to a bookstore for your big day! I hope he bought you a lot of great books ;-) Can I enter this?

    If so:
    +2 old follower :-)
    +5 posted on my sidebar :-)

    Merry Christmas!
    xoxo~ Renee

  11. Happy Birthday! It's so sweet of you to give us a present on your birthday!

    :) 32 is still young! I'm turning 32 in July *cringe* (seriously, where did the time go?? I still feel like I just got out of college.). :P

    +2 I'm already a follower!

    srfbluemama at gmail dot com


    32 is NOT old : ) My mom will tell ya so(she's turning 50 in May! Just don't tell her I said so...*sneaking away into the darkness*)

    I hope you had/have(??when is it??) a FANTASTIC birthday!!!!

  13. @ Colleta: Thank you...I have you down. :)

    @ Renee: Thanks, bff! I only got one book, but I'm happy. LOL Of course you can's open to anyone in the U.S. *grin*

    @ Katy: Sweet! We're *almost* the same age. *wink* Turning 30 was really hard for me...I cried! Was it hard for you? I know what you mean! I got married when I was 22, but it seems like just last year. Your name has been added to my list. ;)

    @ Hannah: Thanks, sweetie! It was yesterday (14th), and it was a great day (for the most part). Awww...tell your Mom that 50 isn't Mom will be 55 in Feb, but she doesn't seem old at all. :) I've added you to my list.

    Good luck to all of you!!
    ~ Lori

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! Since I just won something, you don't need to enter me. I am glad you had a pretty good day.

  15. Please enter me int his great giveaway!

    I am a new follower.


  16. And I've posted about this great giveaway on my blog's sidebar!


    Happy birthday!

  17. I would love to be entered! What a great idea. :D

    I'm already a follower, and I advertised this giveaway on the side of my blog.

  18. @ Lee: Thanks! Of course you're entered...there's no stipulation excluding previous winners! You automatically get 2 entries for already being a follower...if you want the extra 5 just drop back by and let me know that you've posted about it on your blog. :)

    @ Suko: Welcome! Thank you for helping me spread the word. :) I've seen you over @ Renee's blog quite a bit...I'm glad you decided to drop by!

    @ Carman: Yay! I've got you on my list. Thanks for advertising for me. *wink*

    Good Luck everyone!
    ~ Lori

  19. I would love to be enter into the contest!

    kalynnick AT yahoo DOT com

  20. Contest entry: booklover6 at comcast dot net. I am gonna become a follower!

  21. Welcome Kaly and Anne! You're both entered...good luck! :)

    @ Anne: Thank you so much for coming over from PBS!