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I've never seen a cat do this before! LOL

*Compliments of Robin Lee Hatcher*


  1. ROTFLOL! That is the funniest thing I ever saw! Thanks for sharing it and making my day! :-D

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. That is too funny! What kind of cat does that? lol

    We had to buy big bowels and lift them higher for the water for our cats. One of them will take water in the smaller bowl and splash it with her paws and then lick her paw. It makes a huge mess - and I can't imagine it's sanitary... Even she wouldn't dunk her head.

  3. I LOVE how (s)he's checking around before they do it each time!!!! It's hilarious!! It's like "I don't wanna get caught doing this cuz I might get in trouble" little does it know that's it's still gettin' caught : P

    Hey Lori!! *waving* Haven't talked in forever : ( What's up!? I don't think you saw, but I got accepted to Plymouth University!!
    Talk to you later!

  4. LOL..I've seen this before. I have a few cats who like to drink out of the faucet but none of them put their whole head under the faucet! lol Although, I do have one cat (Leo) who likes to play with water. He sits on the edge of the bathtub then I will "throw" some water in the tub and he tries to catch it with his paws. I don't know if I'm explaining it good but it's really funny to watch him try and catch the water. :)