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Mailbox Monday

Thanks to Marcia @ The Printed Page, we get a chance to share with others any books we've received the previous week,
via our mailbox.
Be sure to comment and leave a link to your Mailbox Monday post,
or just post your list in your comment.

Here's mine for Sept. 20 - 26:

To Tease a Texan by Georgina Gentry (PBS)
The Drifter by Lisa Plumley (PBS)
The Other Bride by Lisa Bingham (Goodwill)
Taming the Texan by Charlene Sands (PBS)
Wyoming Wildcat by Elizabeth Lane (PBS)
Of Men and Angels by Victoria Bylin (Goodwill)
Always a Bridesmaid by Jane Sullivan,
Isabel Sharpe & Julie Kistler (SwapTree)
Some Like it Hot by Lori Wilde (SwapTree)
So Into You by Sandra Hill (PBS)

From Revell's Book Review Blog Tour, I received an extra
copy of Maggie Brendan's The Jewel of His Heart. I plan
to give away this book sometime in October, when I post
my review for Revell. Be sure to check back then, for
your chance to win! =)

Of course, the 2 books from Goodwill did not come in my
mailbox, but I wanted to share them anyway.

What books were in your mailbox last week???


  1. How are Victoria Bylin's secular romances? I've read some of her Christian romances and really enjoyed them! Thank you for sharing!

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. Hey Renee ~ I haven't actually read any of them yet, surprise, surprise! I was thinking that maybe I should before I "collect" any more of them. LOL It looks like you just chose my next book for me...thanks! It's getting harder and harder to choose which book to read...there's SO many!! *grinning*

    ~ Lori