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for A Passion Most Pure

Here's what Julie had to say...

I JUST got home not two hours ago, and Denver was a blast!! It was a TOTAL SHOCK that I won Debut Book of the Year as I was told by the ACFW bookstore coordinator (a friend of mine) that two of the books I was up against were absolutely amazing, and another was by an author who had beat me out in several other contests, so I really did not hold out much hope.

They call the finalists' names and ask them to stand until they read the first line of the winning book (like the Christys). I was getting ready to sit down (because NO way did I expect to win) when I heard "Sisters are ..." and then like an ice-cream brain freeze, shock shot through me head to toe and I couldn't hear anything else, not my friends screaming behind me or applause or anything. I stumbled up to the stage the wrong way and had not even written a speech. But I got some laughs (and some tears) when I told them that the last time I was up on that stage, it was to receive the boobie prize (a lovely basket of books) for the most rejections in a year at the 2005 ACFW Conference. I told them that it was up to 19 that year but eventually rose to 45 rejections, 39 of which I garnered on my own before my agent took me under my wing and sold me in 3-book deal six months later. Grin ... apparently it inspired quite a few people, which is reallllly good! :)

I had emailed Julie to congratulate her on her award; she responded a little while ago, when she got back home. She is such a sweetheart, and a great friend! Congrats again, Julie!!! You have truly earned the award! :)

Thank you, again, for allowing me to post your response on my blog to share with everyone.

(To read my review for A Passion Most Pure, just click the title.)


  1. Gosh, Lori, thank YOU for shamelessly promoting me, my friend!!! :)


  2. Hey Julie!

    You're very welcome! I'm soooo proud of you! :) As you probably saw on my other post...we're all anxiously awaiting your next pressure or anything! LOL

    Maybe I should rename my blog...hmmm...Julie Fans Gather Here?? It has a nice ring to it, huh? *grin*

    Thanks for dropping by, Julie!