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Top 10 Books on My Wishlist

Woo-hoo!! It's Monday again...and that means that it's time to share
the Top 10 Books on My Wishlist for this week. If you didn't get a
chance to join us last week ~ here's how it works:

~ Look thru all of your wishlists (I'm sure you have more than one...just like me!)
~ Decide which 10 you're really wanting ~ at least for this week *grin*

~ Come back and post them in your comment...or better yet...create a post on your blog, linking back to me, and post your link here

~ You can list books from any genre
~ It doesn't matter if they are: already available for purchase, newly released, coming soon, etc.
~ If you have a book(s) on someone's WL that you're willing to get rid of...let them know... they may be willing to swap for something on your WL...I know I would!!

~ I've added a button in my sidebar, please take it with you, if you're inclined to do so

I'm hoping this meme will help everyone find books to add to their own Wishlist, but to also allow others to see what books you want, so maybe they can help you get them. Kinda like my own personal swap a way... By getting book lovers together, and sharing the books we most want, maybe we can help each other out. I would love to know what books you're looking for, so I can try to help you find them.

My Top 10 picks for this week:

Within My Heart (Timber Ridge Reflections, #3) :: Tamera Alexander
Tempted By a Cowboy :: Vonna Harper, Melissa MacNeal
& Delilah Devlin
A Creed Country Christmas :: Linda Lael Miller
Under the Cajun Moon :: Mindy Starns Clark
Untamed :: Emma Wildes
A Surrendered Heart (Broadmoor Legacy, #3) :: Tracie Peterson
Love Finds You in Sisters Oregon :: Melody Carlson
In Harm's Way (Heroes of Quantico, #3) :: Irene Hannon
Mail Order Husband :: Lauri Robinson
It Had to be You (Weddings By Bella, #3) :: Janice Thompson

(Be sure to watch all of the slides for some GREAT covers!!)

Okay...let's see your list!! Don't be shy...there will be no judging here...everyone is entitled to their own personal reading choices. Do you enjoy Mysteries, Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Historical, Paranormal, Erotica, Horror, Young Adult, Non-Fiction? Whatever your preference, please share your Top 10 Books on your Wishlist for this week. As always ~ thanks for dropping in! =)


  1. Lori: Thanks for putting my April 2010 release, "In Harm's Way," on your wish list today! I know that's a long time to wait, but books 1 & 2 in my Heroes of Quantico series ("Against All Odds" and "An Eye For An Eye") are out there now, in case anyone wants to catch up with the heroes before the next book comes out. Each story does stand alone, but those who read from the beginning will get some fun insights in Book 3 into the lives of my heroes from books 1 & 2! Irene Hannon

  2. Love the cover for A Surrendered Heart! Going to have to check out that one. I have a couple of these on my wish list too. :)

    here's my top ten for this week:

  3. Hey Lori! *waves*
    LOVE the new background! Totally cool, girl!

    Be back later with books : )

  4. Books 1, 7, and 10 look awesome! Can't wait for those!!!!!

    xoxo~ Renee

  5. Hey ya'll :)

    WOW! Ms. Hannon, I'm honored that you dropped by! My sister is actually "collecting" your Heroes of Quantico series, and I can't wait to read them; they sound great! :)

    ANGIE ~ I've read the first book in this series, A Daughter's Inheritance; it was pretty good. I'll be by to check out your book soon...

    HANNAH ~ *waving back* Thank you! Where are you? I can't wait to see your Top 10 WL books. :)

    RENEE ~ LOL we always want the same ones! *wink*

  6. Hey Lori! Back! I was at home earlier...but headed to musical rehearsal, so had to jet, but I wanted to let you know that I'd be back! So, here I am! My books:

    1) On What Grounds(A Coffeehouse Mystery): Cleo Coyle
    2) The Trouble with Magic(A Bewitching Mystery): Madelyn Alt
    3) Crime Brulee(A Culinary Mystery with Recipes): Nancy Fairbanks
    4) When the Wind Blows: James Patterson
    5) The Lake House: James Patterson
    6) The Summerhouse: Jude Deveraux
    7) A Knight in Shining Armor: Jude Deveraux
    8) Julie and Julia: Julie Powell
    9) chocolat: Joanne Harris
    10) Garden Spells: Sarah Addison Allen

    That's my list this week! I'm pretty sure that I won't get to them all that soon...but they're on the list nonetheless!
    Talk to you soon! : )

  7. Hey Hannah! I've been seeing On What Grounds everywhere lately! *grin* I saw Julie and Julia at Waldenbooks (Borders) was on the Buy 1 Get 1 40% off table.

    It doesn't look like we really read the same books! *wink*

    Thank you for coming back and sharing your list with us. I look forward to chatting again soon.

    ~ Lori

  8. Hey Lori!
    Have you really? I totally stumbled into On What Grounds and the other books. I think that they will be nice, easy reads for me, which I enjoy sometimes. Plus, I enjoy a mystery every now and again : ) Julie and Julia I bought before the movie came out! Lol! Still haven't read it, but I do want to...once again, I bet it'll be an easy read.

    Well....that's not necessarily a bad thing! Lol...there are lots on your lists that usually sound really good to me...I read mostly everything...this just happened to be my list this week!

    It's no problem coming know it!

  9. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and following me.
    Thanks for asking about the book on my Shelfari.
    Actually I posted those books a little early.
    I am actually waiting on them to come in any day.
    I am so tempted to read a book I already have.
    But, I'm patiently waiting :)
    I look forward to posting more reviews.

  10. Hey Joyful!

    I can't wait to see what you think about Things Worth Remembering. Even though I normally choose romance books, the cover of TWR caught my attention, so I had to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! :)

    I'll be watching for your reviews...

  11. I have Mail Order Husband with my TBR books. It was highly recommended by someone on eHarlequin (and sounded like something I'd really enjoy), but by the time I recieved it, I had been distracted by other books. ::rolls eyes:: Maybe this is a reminder to bump it up.