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Some of My Favorite Books

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My Favorite Cover

This week I've chosen:

Love Finds You
in Pendleton Oregon
by Melody Carlson

Release date:
March 1, 2010

Summerside Press
Pages: 320

Sunshine Westcott's past is buried on Oregon's Cayuse reservation, where she's never stepped foot---until her boss, Leanne Lowenstein, insists on taking her to the annual rock-and-rodeo Pendleton roundup. Does the town hold the answers to Sunshine's family secrets? And what will happen when cowboy-to-the-core Max Lowenstein falls for Sunshine, the Native American princess?

I also found another cover for this book...which one do you prefer?


  1. Hmmm I can't say I really like the "look" on the model's face in the 2nd. I'm not sure what to think of her, she looks like she might be up to no good and that's not really what you want your main good "guy" to be all about. Maybe she's just feisty. I do prefer faces to legs though. I'm not the biggest fan of this movement towards not showing the faces of the people we're reading about. I like to have something to connect with and jump start my curiosity about who these people are and what's happening to them. Faces do that better than anything else. Besides, the legs in the top cover look pretty pale to me. At least the bottom pic kind of resembles the whole Native American princess idea.

  2. I love the first cover. Just something about a man in jeans and plaid!

  3. I love the first cover! I agree with Lee there's just something about that girls expresssion that isn't right LOL! I also agree that the whole faceless covers kinda stink but the worst ones are where they show from like the lips down and cut the rest of the persons head off! That bugs me but the top cover you chose is kinda I like her boots!!!

    Thanks for sharing another great cover!!!

    xoxo~ Renee

  4. I don't like the 2nd cover at all. I see Lee's POV about no faces, but something about the 1st cover draws me (I would buy this book based on the 1st cover before the 2nd), and I love the boots, too, Renee! It kinda reminded me of Fools Rush I couldn't resist choosing it. :p

    I agree, Colletta!!

  5. I prefer the first one in the post...I really like those kinds of photos!!!! they're my favorite :)

  6. I definitely prefer the first cover! But Pendleton, Oregon? I got stuck in a huge snowstorm doesn't hold the fondest memories for me, he he.