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Happy Blogging!


Honest Scrap Blog Award!!

I would like to thank Hannah @ Project Journal for presenting
me with this awesome award...I am honored!!

Since I've received this award, I have to now tell you 10 honest
things about myself, as well as, pass the award along to
10 more bloggers of my choice.

Here are 10 honest things about me:

1. I have little or no patience for disobedient children...they drive me insane! (guess that's why the Lord chose not to give me any??) :)
2. I would love to open my very own bookstore.
3. Thunderstorms, tornadoes/hurricanes scare me to death!
4. I am a huge procrastinator!
5. I have a bad habit of being late (or almost late)...see #4. LOL
6. My "new" favorite ice cream is Edy's Drumstick...yum! I'm out right now, and craving it something awful! :(
7. I'm very stubborn/hard-headed.
8. I cried when I turned 30.
9. I don't make friends anyway...y'all were easy to become friends with!
10. I love Japanese food!

Now for the 10 bloggers I'm passing this award on to:
(most of y'all have already gotten it, so I'll send it to some who haven't)

1. Praying Mom @ What You Reading Now?
2. Colletta @ Colletta's Kitchen Sink
3. Jennifer @
4. Nely @ All About {n}
5. MJ @ Creative Madness
6. Rae @ Caffeine & Romance
7. Katy @ A Few More Pages
8. Ashley @ After All...Tomorrow is another day
9. Brande @ Book Junkie
10. Sharon @ A Bookworm's Blog

*** I've received this award on both of my blogs, so the same post
is on each blog. I know, that's just lazy...sorry!***


  1. Lori, it is my dream to open up a bookstore. I often find myself daydreaming about it when we drive past empty storefronts that I think would be an awesome location for said bookstore. :)

    Thanks for the award!

  2. LOL me, too, Katy! Too bad we live on opposite coasts or we could open one together. :p

  3. We should all meet in the middle and open a store, what do you think? ;-)

    xoxo~ Renee

  4. Welcome, MJ! Too bad you just LEFT me here in GA...we so coulda opened our very own bookstore! *sigh* LOL

  5. Thanks so much for my award Lori! You've made my day.


  6. Thanks so much Lori for another award! And I agree with Renee. I have a big shed out back with "Go Dawgs" on the side, do you think that would work? JK:~)
    Love Y'all,

  7. I couldn't open a bookstore because I wouldn't want to part with the books! Maybe I could just come hang out in yours? lol I'd be a VERY good customer. :o)

  8. Sure thing, Lee! Come on over and join in the fun! I'm sure we can slip you a couple of "freebies" every now & then. *wink*