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Guess What?!?!?

God has answered our prayers about me getting a job!  Thank y'all for praying with us on this matter -- your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!  :o)

I saw an ad in the Classified section of our Daily Newspaper a couple of weeks ago, and submitted my resume via email.  They contacted me within a week to set up the first interview (last Wednesday).  I was really nervous!  I haven't been to an interview in 7-8 years.  :)  Anyway, it went great and I told my hubby that I would really be disappointed if I didn't get the job because they seemed like great people to work with/for.

I went to the second interview last Friday, and found out that the job was mine, if I was still interested.  Hello?  Of course I'm interested!  Hahahaha
I am now a Part-Time Medical Receptionist for a local podiatrist.

I started working this Monday, and so far, I'm really enjoying it.  Right now, my schedule is all jumbled up since I'm currently "in training" -- when I start my 'regular' hours, they will be:

Mondays and Wednesdays  -  8:30am - noon
Fridays  -  1:00pm - 5:00pm (or whenever the last patient is done - today we left at 6:00pm)

The only down-side is that I will now have even LESS time to read/blog!  :(  I still haven't completely caught up with my review books (from the delay of my sister's wedding), but I'm working on 'em.  I can't really complain though, since I've been trying to find a job for a couple of years now.  It's a true blessing that God has seen fit to answer that particular prayer, and we are very thankful!  I'll keep working on getting caught up -- that's the best I can do.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers -- they mean SO much!  {{hugs}}


  1. That's just so great, Lori!! I've been praying for you guys and I know how wwhat it's like to be out of work for so long.
    And a foot doc, hmmmm... you'd better invest in some real ergonomic footware. LOL;D

    And a smart lady (hint,hint) once told me, "Don't worry about blogging, just post as much as you can, when you can" Hmmm... I wonder who that was? LOL jk

    I hope you get to read and catch up on all those books this weekend, Lori!
    Love Ya,

  2. Thank you SO much, Ashley!

    I had pretty much accepted that I might not ever find a job doing something that I would like/wanted to do. But, God obviously had this one just waiting, to surprise me when I least expected it. ;)

    Yeah, a foot doctor, and I'm in dire need of a pedicure! LOL Maybe he won't look too closely.

    Hmmm...I wonder who gave you that sage advice? *tee hee* Let me tell you, it's easier said than done, that's for sure. I feel terrible that I'm not around nearly as much, and that I obviously can't read fast enough. I'm also thankful that I have friends who understand my situation, and still stand by me. Y'all are the best!

    I'm afraid there won't be much reading this weekend -- it's Mother's Day -- that means we'll be visiting our mothers, grandmothers, step-mother, etc.

    Love ya bunches!
    ~ Lori

  3. Congratulations on getting the job! That's so great that you found a job that you will enjoy. :) I'm sure you will be able to touch a lot of people's lives by being a receptionist; I'm sure God can use you in a big way to bless others! I know we just "met," but from what I've seen, your sweet attitude will really be great for the job!


  4. Awwww, thanks, Amber! You're such a sweetheart. You've already put a smile on my face. :)


  5. Congrats on the job. :) I'm glad to hear your enjoying it. And I agree with Amber, I'm sure God will use you to bless others too. :)

    I love your new cute! :)