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Some of My Favorite Books

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My Favorite Cover

by Beth Webb Hart

Christian Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

Thomas Nelson
Copyright 2010
Pages:  320
ISBN:  978-1595542014

(from Amazon):

An inspiring, heart-warming novel set in romantic Charleston, South Carolina.

"Stay and wait." Anne Brumley heard these words years ago in the bell tower at Saint Michael's Church in Charleston. She's certain they were from God and has been waiting for true love ever since. But her sister, Della, and their cousin, Alicia, have their doubts. Could Anne have misunderstood His calling?

Saint Michael's new rector may be the answer to Anne's prayers. Good-old-boy and widower Roy Summerall can't believe he's been called to pastor such an historical and a decidedly rich congregation. He can't possibly measure up to their expectations.

It will take a miracle of extraordinary love to provide a happy ending for each of these four Charleston friends.


  1. Hi Lori-girl!

    A wedding! How exciting!!! I'm sorry I haven't been around either *sad face/slap hand, Bad Hannah!*

    This sounds like a good book. Might have to check it out.

    It made me laugh though because we have a St. Michael's College here in Vermont! LOL!

    Stop by again when things calm down, so you can see what's been going on.

    *hugs* Hope the wedding goes GREAT!!!!

  2. Hey Lori!
    Awww... I know how you feel, about having to writing reviews, at least. Although, my sister and my brother (but not both together) are about two steps away from the alter. So, I have a feeling, there is going to be one too many weddings around here soon.LOL;)

    And I love this cover. Seems like Charleston is a popular setting for books this year.

    Have a great (and hopefully restful?) weekend!
    Love Ya,

  3. You have such good taste! This is a beautiful cover. :o) We miss you but wish you all the best and offer congrats to your sister on her upcoming wedding. May she have a happily ever after. :o)

  4. Won't be long now 'til the wedding!! Hopefully, you will get a couple of extra moments between now and then to sit down and breathe for a bit...and don't worry, all of those books will be there when you're ready for them. :o)

    I love this cover! I saw it featured on another blog a week or so ago, and it's just beautiful. *happy sigh*